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Who in the seven hells is Robin Hill?
Robin Hill is a fictitious character based on the Series of novels by George R.R. Martin, A Song Of Ice And Fire.  Robin Hill is not mentioned anywhere in those novels, but not being mentioned does not mean Robin Hill could not have existed.  That said, there will be no utterances from Robin Hill that change or add content to the story line.  The only thing Robin Hill will have to say will be observations about those in the novels from the standpoint of a specific persona.

Does this site have any official connection with GRRM, his novels or the HBO series, Game of Thrones?
Absolutely not, and the Others take them who say different.

So what is different?
Since Robin Hill is a bastard, Kings, Lords and Sers are unlikely to be held in awe.  Japes at their expense are likely to occur at any time.

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